Refugee Voice Wales (RVW) is an umbrella organisation that represents Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs) in Wales.

The organisation was established to empower refugees and asylum seekers, creating a platform for the voices of these often vulnerable groups to be heard.

It was formed by a group of Refugee Community Organisation leaders who are committed to and passionate about helping refugees and asylum seekers in Wales.

There are currently 39 RCO members of Refugee Voice Wales.

Refugee Voice Wales is now a constituted organisation. It is involved in several projects and policy groups within Wales, including the All Wales Inclusion Policy, Interpreter and Translators within the Welsh Assembly, Refugee Week, Media Working Group, Progress to Work Centre, Community Development Cymru, and the Refugee & Asylum Seekers Welcome.

22nd-23rd March 2011

Training on 'Making Your Service Effective' held at the Community First for RCOs and Board.

26th February 2011

Meeting held with the RCOs and more meetings to follow every two months starting this April, 2011.

25th February 2011

Meeting held with North East Refugee Forum to exchange information and develop areas of work.

31st January 2011

Dialogue has been opened with the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) to pursue a way forward for the organisation.

Still Human Still Here – will update when more information comes.

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